The Catalog World at Your Finger Tips…

July 8th, 2011
In 1897, the Sears Roebuck ran a catalog of over 700 pages that contained virtually every item needed to run a household or a business. Sears Roebuck assured customers in rural areas that catalog shopping was a safe and effective means of receiving all of the products they needed the most without having to travel long distances to the nearest store. Thus, the world of catalog shopping was born. Clothes, tools and household supplies could be delivered to rural areas without the hassle and gave rural dwellers excitement in waiting for their mail.
Today, we have the convenience of shopping at thousands upon thousands of stores – including malls, strip malls, outlets, big box stores, convenience stores and local brick and mortar establishments. Catalog shopping and online shopping provide alternative means to running to the store. These methods of shopping are ideal for those with hectic schedules or the homebound. They also provide individuals access to stores that may not be in their area.
As technology continuously evolves, so does the catalog. The iPad, iPhone and other tablet and smartphone devices have paved the way for a new and improved catalog. Whether you are a small business or large business you can benefit from mobile catalog browsing.
With MediaSpin360, you can showcase your products in a mobile catalog in an entirely knew light. With the popularity of touch-screen devices, your customers can pan, zoom, spin and rotate each and every image in your catalog with the tip of a finger. MediaSpin360 adds realism and interactivity to your catalog. With the use of iPads, iPhones and other products, MediaSpin360 can provide the illusion of holding a product in your hands without ever having to leave your house. Market your products in an entirely new light with mobile catalogs and take your products to an entirely new level with MediaSpin360.

More than a spinning photography…

April 3rd, 2010
Online Rich Media applications have been around for years and online retailers are striving to use the latest and greatest technology to attract more customers. We have seen everything from page-flipping catalogs to product configurators but 360-degree product presentation has been the most discussed topic in conferences and forums. 360-degree product presentation is more than just taking photos of a single product from different sides and making it spin on a web page. It is the preparation, photography, and implementation that make one unique product showcase. It is the marriage of traditional photography, specialized hardware, and software automation that makes this stunning online product presentation possible.
We have talked about how 360-degree photos are made but for this post we want to focus on the software side. The software application that is being used to showcase the product rotation is typically Flash which is a standard plugin that is automatically installed on all major desktop web browsers. We can also use other software such as AJAX, JavaScript or QuickTime to showcase product spin. We custom design each 360-degree product viewer to suit the customer’s need because we understand that company branding is very important. We want to ensure that every customer has their own unique viewer and not a standard gray box offered by our larger competitors. The features that come with the viewers – zoom, pan, print, tell-a-friend, and hotspots – are essential tools for the online shopper to really experience and inspect the product without leaving the comfort of their home. Zoom is extremely important in order to view the product details. Other companies’ product zooms consist of one single view but in our 360-degree viewer customer can zoom up to 72 views of a single product. Online shoppers can also pan and rotate the product around while it is all the way zoomed in. A small navigation window in the 360-degree product viewer helps customers navigate the product while in zoom without getting lost. Another great feature in the viewer are hotspots that highlight specific product features by popping up small windows that contains descriptive verbiage or images. This functionality directs the customer’s attention to what makes the product really stand out from others. Additional features such as tell-a-friend can increase product sales by allowing customer to contribute in social networking and product reviews. A 360-degree product viewer can be easily implemented into any web site, shopping cart, or mobile device.
The power of our 360-degree product viewer has improved dramatically since it first released. We are working hard with our customers to develop the next big thing, that’s more than just taking photos of the product. Stay tuned for 360-degree viewer on iPhones and other mobile devices.
Demo: Highmark InSync Chair: Click Here

How 360 degrees product photography can boost sales?

December 28th, 2009
Success in Internet business relies on effective presentation. A static image is not enough anymore. Virtual, photo-realistic and interactive 3D are the new way of product presentation. The customer needs to have a realistic and detailed image of the product from every angle. The experience should be similar to holding the product in hand – it can be viewed from all sides and zoomed to any detail. Any retailer that beats her competitors to the punch converting the online store to this new technology will have a huge competitive advantage:
  • Most memorable and visually attractive on-line shopping experience
  • The information value of the 3D image is substantially higher than flat photography
  • Stronger sales arguments make the customer’s decision easier
  • The browser controls are simple and intuitive
  • Nearly universal compatibility with all browsers and operating systems

To bring this new technology to you we utilize custom-made robotic equipment in our photo studios, enabling automated capture of sequences of images for 3D presentation. Custom hardware and software automates the process and enables us to offer our services at reasonable prices.
To be able to offer this new and exciting way of imaging products, we have developed advanced technologies for storing and presenting images. The basic idea is central storage of images in high resolution combined with a lightweight client that presents and allows manipulation of these images in the web browser. The client is based on The Macromedia Flash™ plug-in which is compatible with more than 97% of all web browsers. That means virtually every online customer can take full advantage of this new technology.


What is 360° Spin Photography?

December 28th, 2009
Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Jessica and it’s my job here at MediaSpin360 to make sure our customers are happy with the work we do for them. With this blog I hope to help you understand what it is that MediaSpin360 does and how it can help your business. We are all about 360-degree commercial photography. While other photo studios take your real world 3D products and squish them into a flat 2D image, we preserve every contour and every detail of your product in true 3D. Still not sure? Here’s a rundown of the most frequently asked questions…
What type of products can you photograph?
If you sell it, we photograph it! From toasters to motorcycles, we can produce full 360 degree rotations for pretty much anything, up to 900lbs. This means we are there for you for fashion products, household items, toys, electronics, tools, small appliances, you get the idea…
Is it more expensive if I only have a few products?
Not at all. We will be happy to help you if you only have one product. No job is too big or too small.
Do you only animate rotations?
We can animate lots of different movements as long as the product starts and finishes in the same position. For example, if your product has a special hinge we can show it opening and closing rather than spinning. Another technique we use within our animations is movement to show product detail such as having a model opening a jacket to show the inside pocket. Our creative staff will work with you to come up with the best animation sequence to showcase your product.
How much does it cost?
Our prices are very competitive with traditional flat photography. Our rates start at $88 which includes technical support for web site implementation and hosting of your dynamic 360 degree photos.
Can you change the background to a different color instead of white?
Yes. Our creative team will be happy to make changes to the background. Please be sure to mention this requirement before the photoshoot.
Can you travel to the customer location?
It depends on the quantity of products, customer location and the time needed to complete the job. Please contact us so we can figure out the best way to accommodate your needs.
Are the products you handle covered by insurance?
We treat your products as our own and take good care of them while they are in our possession. Our building is fully secured and armed with the alarm. However, we do not provide any insurance coverage for your products so we recommend that you contact your business insurance provider to ensure that your products are covered while not on your premises.