iPhone Applications- Bringing Online Shopping and In-Store Retailers Together

August 15th, 2010
Checking in with the popular application, FourSquare , is just one of the many ways for in-store retailers to reach out to their customers. By allowing your friends to know that you have “checked in” to a particular store, you are also allowing this particular store to know you are interested. With this interest, stores can now inform you have sales, promotions, and special offers.
Apple and the iPhone have taken this concept to an entirely new level. iPhone has created a shopkick application. This application is a plus for the store and for it’s customers. By simply walking into a store, retailers can provide shopkick users with coupon and promotional codes to use during their visits.
Unlike FourSquare, Apple is using GPS and Wi-FI software to ensure that the customer is actually in the store before sending off any promotional codes or discounts. This is slightly different twist from other similar programs. Not in the store? Then no discounts for you!
Walking into a store with shopkick and it’s tracking technology will instantly provide a user with kickbucks, These kickbucks are somewhat like virtual currency. They can be used instantly in the store to receive discounts and other offers. Otherwise, this virtual currency can used online to knock money off your total bill. All of this for downloading a simple iPhone application.
Various online reviews indicate that this application and in-store detection system work exactly as promised. Best Buy is even able to match discounts and promotions to each individuals’ tastes. Stores can determine what types of products customers generally purchase and then meet the individual discount needs of each and every customer.
Shopkick is a very much thought out application that integrates mobile phone use and web based technology. It is an interesting marketing and promotional technique for retailers. In addition, it’s low download fee for customers provides individuals with an amazing opportunity to save at their favorite retailers.
This application is coming very soon to iPhone and will be eventually available for other smartphones including Droid and Blackberry products. So download and start saving!