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March 7th, 2010

Hire Professional 3D Product Photography Studio or Buy a 3D Photo Office Machine?

March 6th, 2010
We have been asked this question by one of our clients. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your requirements. One of the most obvious advantages of hiring a 3D photography studio is that it gives you total flexibility of shooting any product that you may have. 3D office machines are limited to shooting only smaller products for both base and top models.
Many online retailers are under the mistaken impression that they can save a lot of money by purchasing the 3D office photo machine and do 3D photography in-house. The price for these so-called office photo copiers can be as much as $17,000 for the higher-end models. After setup and testing, these retailers often end up frustrated, regretting buying the system because it simply does not produce the perfect spin required for quality presentation. In some cases the software is not user friendly. Another difficulty for these online retailers is the difficulty of implementing 360-degree product viewer onto their web site.
At a professional 3D photography studio, you will have a team consisting of an account executive, photographer, creative designers, and web developers. Here at MediaSpin360 we provide top quality professional commercial photography for any type and size of product, from an earring to a motorcycle. We ensure that you have the best 360-degree product photography presentation for your online products. Another big advantage of having a professional studio by your side is that all you have to do is send in your product and in a matter of days you have 360-degree product presentation on your website.
A great online product presentation is the key to retail success. Making the right decision on 3D product photography will save you time and make you money.

How do I prepare my products for photography?

March 4th, 2010
Preparing your products for photography before starting the shooting, either by yourself or by a professional studio, saves time and money.
In order to look their best, your products should be properly prepared. Remove the wrinkles on a shirt, tie the laces on a shoe, stuff paper in the backpack, and clean up fingerprints. All these little actions are essential to minimize the time spent on your photo shoot — which will be on the bill if you were to hire a photographer.
Most photo studios require that clients send in their products in secure packaging to ensure that the products arrive in pristine condition. As an online retailer you must understand the importance of explaining to the photographer exactly how you want your product to appear online. Sometimes it is hard to obtain the perfect sample product to be photographed. In this case communication is extremely important so the photographer can arrange postproduction retouching. For example: a laptop to be photographed needs to show a specific screen. It is necessary to discuss these types of requests ahead of time. Successful online retailers know exactly what their customers want to see. Good communication with the photographer before the photo shoot will ensure that the product will be placed in exact correct angle and position. An example might be a backpack that needs to show all angles as well as opening and closing of the pockets and compartments. The photographer needs to understand this requirement ahead of time so he can shoot the product in the specific sequence that will be presented online.
In 360-degree product photography preparing the product is extremely important since all its angles need to be photographed. Some products require a single spin at a single camera elevation and some products will require a single spin at multiple elevations. This means that the resulting solution will be either 360-degree or full 3D view where the online customers can see every square inch or the product. Every angle and every elevation should be prepared in the most appealing way possible. Remember that the photographer or the photography studio only provide their photography expertise but it is you who understands exactly how to show your product in the most effective way for your online customers.

6 ways for online retailer to showcase products

February 18th, 2010
Retailers are looking for innovative ways to showcase their products online. One of the new techniques is to create an in-store experience for the customers.
Many online shopping retailers like to reflect their brick-and-mortar look and feel in their online presence. Look at SaksFifthAvenue.com and Nordstrom.com. Both use the colors and the elegant design to connect their online and in-store experiences. The only thing that these giants are missing is a “closer-look” of the products before the customers are ready to flip out their credit cards and start purchasing. We are going to show you how effectively an online retailer can increase their sales by implementing the following 6 ways to showcase their products.
One: Add zoom to high-resolution images
A 200 x 200 pixels image cannot show any details. Adding a high-resolution image that can be zoomed in and out allows the customers to see the product detail more clearly. The image needs to have great lighting so the customers can see the texture and the material being used. See the comparison below:
Static Image

Figure 1.1 (Static Image) Figure 1.2 (Dynamic Zoom/Pan)
Two: Add Image Gallery
One image is not enough for the customer to establish an emotional connection with the product. The advantage of creating an image gallery is to highlight specific features of the product allowing the customers to appreciate the quality they are paying for.
Dynamic Image Gallery
Figure 2.1
Three: Add Online Product Configurator
If a specific product offers different color choices, it is important to present them with an online product configurator. This custom application is offered by many companies such as our parent company Preface Media who is one the leaders in online Rich Media solutions. The eConfigurator allows the customer to view the product in all the different available colors, fabrics, finishes and settings right on their screen. Some retailers still show a single product image and a list of available colors. This is not enough. It is like stepping into DSW Shoes: you may like the white designer shoes but you also want to try the red ones before making the purchase decision.
Four: Add Virtual Design Center
This feature gives the customers an opportunity to try out different combinations of products and see what matches together. One example is the room designer below, which allows the customer to design their fireplace materials to match with the flooring and the rest of the furniture.
Preface8 eConfigurator
Figure 4.1
Five: Add 360 Degrees and 3D Product Photography
Imagine a customer stepping into a shoe and handbag store. The first thing they will do is look around the store and pick out the products that most interest them. The next thing they do is inspect these products front to back, side to side and top to bottom. How can an online retailer simulate the same experience online? Well… the technology for touch and smell isn’t there yet but visually a Flash-based Product Viewer with 3D product photography can fully recreate the in-store experience. The viewer gives the customer complete power to rotate the product in true 3D along with zoom in/out features.

Figure 5.1 (360 Spin)
Six: Add Video
Producing a product video is simple, effective and fast. eVideos such as powered by Preface8 are delivered instantly to the customer’s screen in high definition. These powerful video messages can be especially persuasive when done creatively. For fashion online retailer, clothes and accessories can be worn by a model while taping these short eVideos. For online electronics store, products can be turned on, operated, opened, closed and moved around to show their features. eVideos are great for product feature presentation as well as usage recommendations.
Preface8 eVideos
Figure 6.1

Creative Product Photography

February 3rd, 2010
One of our customers came to us and asked if we can provide creative 360 product photography. My first reaction is “What do you mean by creative?”. After some samples they showed me on the magazines and online retailers, I finally clicked! Instead of plain white or black background we can perform some post-production tricks to enhance the overall artistry of the product. This can be done by using a photo editing software. The first step is to crop out the boring white background and add a single or multiple layers of different background to compose a flattering surrounding. This technique has been widely used in products such as jewelry, necklaces and fashion accesories where the white background does not bring out the beauty of the product itself. We also was “creative” enough to add some sparkles and lighting effects to the product. The client loved it!
Creative Photography

Creative Photography

How can I showcase my products in 3D?

January 13th, 2010
This is the first question that most of our customers ask when we talk. The answer is simple: “Take photos from every angle!”. With our advanced robotic 360 degrees photographic equipment we can showcase your products in multiple rows and at precise angles.
You might ask, “what is a row?”… A row is simply a full spin-around of your product. If your product has a lot of details then we will recommend 36 shots per row at 10 degrees apart, for a full 360°. The resulting spin will have a very nice and smooth flow from frame to frame. Some customers believe that 12 shots (30 degrees apart) around the product are sufficient. We can accommodate any type of request. We also have the capability to photograph your products at different elevation angles — from head on at 0 degrees all the way to directly overhead at 90 degrees or anywhere in between. Each elevation angle will be complete with a single row of predetermined set of shots.
See your products from all angles

See your products from all angles

360° product photography for Bose SoundDock with 12 shots at 30° apart

360° product photography for Sony Wireless Headphones with 36 shots at 10° apart

360° product photography for Riley Roots with 12 shots at 30° apart at 0°, 45° and 90°

How 360 degrees product photography can boost sales?

December 28th, 2009
Success in Internet business relies on effective presentation. A static image is not enough anymore. Virtual, photo-realistic and interactive 3D are the new way of product presentation. The customer needs to have a realistic and detailed image of the product from every angle. The experience should be similar to holding the product in hand – it can be viewed from all sides and zoomed to any detail. Any retailer that beats her competitors to the punch converting the online store to this new technology will have a huge competitive advantage:
  • Most memorable and visually attractive on-line shopping experience
  • The information value of the 3D image is substantially higher than flat photography
  • Stronger sales arguments make the customer’s decision easier
  • The browser controls are simple and intuitive
  • Nearly universal compatibility with all browsers and operating systems

To bring this new technology to you we utilize custom-made robotic equipment in our photo studios, enabling automated capture of sequences of images for 3D presentation. Custom hardware and software automates the process and enables us to offer our services at reasonable prices.
To be able to offer this new and exciting way of imaging products, we have developed advanced technologies for storing and presenting images. The basic idea is central storage of images in high resolution combined with a lightweight client that presents and allows manipulation of these images in the web browser. The client is based on The Macromedia Flash™ plug-in which is compatible with more than 97% of all web browsers. That means virtually every online customer can take full advantage of this new technology.


What is 360° Spin Photography?

December 28th, 2009
Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Jessica and it’s my job here at MediaSpin360 to make sure our customers are happy with the work we do for them. With this blog I hope to help you understand what it is that MediaSpin360 does and how it can help your business. We are all about 360-degree commercial photography. While other photo studios take your real world 3D products and squish them into a flat 2D image, we preserve every contour and every detail of your product in true 3D. Still not sure? Here’s a rundown of the most frequently asked questions…
What type of products can you photograph?
If you sell it, we photograph it! From toasters to motorcycles, we can produce full 360 degree rotations for pretty much anything, up to 900lbs. This means we are there for you for fashion products, household items, toys, electronics, tools, small appliances, you get the idea…
Is it more expensive if I only have a few products?
Not at all. We will be happy to help you if you only have one product. No job is too big or too small.
Do you only animate rotations?
We can animate lots of different movements as long as the product starts and finishes in the same position. For example, if your product has a special hinge we can show it opening and closing rather than spinning. Another technique we use within our animations is movement to show product detail such as having a model opening a jacket to show the inside pocket. Our creative staff will work with you to come up with the best animation sequence to showcase your product.
How much does it cost?
Our prices are very competitive with traditional flat photography. Our rates start at $88 which includes technical support for web site implementation and hosting of your dynamic 360 degree photos.
Can you change the background to a different color instead of white?
Yes. Our creative team will be happy to make changes to the background. Please be sure to mention this requirement before the photoshoot.
Can you travel to the customer location?
It depends on the quantity of products, customer location and the time needed to complete the job. Please contact us so we can figure out the best way to accommodate your needs.
Are the products you handle covered by insurance?
We treat your products as our own and take good care of them while they are in our possession. Our building is fully secured and armed with the alarm. However, we do not provide any insurance coverage for your products so we recommend that you contact your business insurance provider to ensure that your products are covered while not on your premises.