It Looks Good on Her…

Unfortunately, online shopping does not come with the option of trying clothes on. Online shoppers rely simply on what they see. The what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude can be seen as a downfall, if the online retailer does not act appropriately.
Online shoppers make their purchases with confidence based on their ability to see the entire product through use of technology. Shoppers can see close ups of the material, the back of the item, the front, the side, the lining, etc… While all the details look great, how does the online shopper really know how the item is going to look on?
Forget the days of viewing pages of pages of clothes just lying there. MediaSpin360 offers formfitting photography for both models and mannequins. We work with modeling agencies to provide the online retailer with the appropriate models for their project, provided the online retailer decides to take the model route. Otherwise, MediaSpin360 will provide the same quality of photography with mannequins. All photographs are taken with a cross browser zoom viewer. This technology allows the customer to view all product details by rotating, planning, and zooming. Formfitting photography gives customers an up-close and personal view of what a product looks like when it’s on a model of mannequin. This technology takes out the guess work of looking at a single article of clothing photographed without someone/something to give it some definition.
It’s hard to imagine what clothes look like on a person, when they are just flatly, lying on a solid background. Formfitting technology allows customers to view the actual fit of a product. Is it tight in the thighs? Lose around the waist? Are the arms long? Will it flatter my hips? How skinny are these skinny jeans?
MediaSpin360 allows the customer to say “hey, that looks great on her and I know it will look equally as fabulous on me!”

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