iPhone Applications- Bringing Online Shopping and In-Store Retailers Together

August 15th, 2010
Checking in with the popular application, FourSquare , is just one of the many ways for in-store retailers to reach out to their customers. By allowing your friends to know that you have “checked in” to a particular store, you are also allowing this particular store to know you are interested. With this interest, stores can now inform you have sales, promotions, and special offers.
Apple and the iPhone have taken this concept to an entirely new level. iPhone has created a shopkick application. This application is a plus for the store and for it’s customers. By simply walking into a store, retailers can provide shopkick users with coupon and promotional codes to use during their visits.
Unlike FourSquare, Apple is using GPS and Wi-FI software to ensure that the customer is actually in the store before sending off any promotional codes or discounts. This is slightly different twist from other similar programs. Not in the store? Then no discounts for you!
Walking into a store with shopkick and it’s tracking technology will instantly provide a user with kickbucks, These kickbucks are somewhat like virtual currency. They can be used instantly in the store to receive discounts and other offers. Otherwise, this virtual currency can used online to knock money off your total bill. All of this for downloading a simple iPhone application.
Various online reviews indicate that this application and in-store detection system work exactly as promised. Best Buy is even able to match discounts and promotions to each individuals’ tastes. Stores can determine what types of products customers generally purchase and then meet the individual discount needs of each and every customer.
Shopkick is a very much thought out application that integrates mobile phone use and web based technology. It is an interesting marketing and promotional technique for retailers. In addition, it’s low download fee for customers provides individuals with an amazing opportunity to save at their favorite retailers.
This application is coming very soon to iPhone and will be eventually available for other smartphones including Droid and Blackberry products. So download and start saving!

It Looks Good on Her…

August 10th, 2010
Unfortunately, online shopping does not come with the option of trying clothes on. Online shoppers rely simply on what they see. The what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude can be seen as a downfall, if the online retailer does not act appropriately.
Online shoppers make their purchases with confidence based on their ability to see the entire product through use of technology. Shoppers can see close ups of the material, the back of the item, the front, the side, the lining, etc… While all the details look great, how does the online shopper really know how the item is going to look on?
Forget the days of viewing pages of pages of clothes just lying there. MediaSpin360 offers formfitting photography for both models and mannequins. We work with modeling agencies to provide the online retailer with the appropriate models for their project, provided the online retailer decides to take the model route. Otherwise, MediaSpin360 will provide the same quality of photography with mannequins. All photographs are taken with a cross browser zoom viewer. This technology allows the customer to view all product details by rotating, planning, and zooming. Formfitting photography gives customers an up-close and personal view of what a product looks like when it’s on a model of mannequin. This technology takes out the guess work of looking at a single article of clothing photographed without someone/something to give it some definition.
It’s hard to imagine what clothes look like on a person, when they are just flatly, lying on a solid background. Formfitting technology allows customers to view the actual fit of a product. Is it tight in the thighs? Lose around the waist? Are the arms long? Will it flatter my hips? How skinny are these skinny jeans?
MediaSpin360 allows the customer to say “hey, that looks great on her and I know it will look equally as fabulous on me!”

What [Online] Shoppers Want…

August 6th, 2010
As an online retailer, it is important to know your customer and cater to their needs as well as wants. With online shopping facing heavy competition and challenges, online retailers need to face and give the consumer exactly what they are asking for.
According to a 2010 survey from IBM, online shoppers want their shopping experience to be more interactive and highly personalized. Smart consumers are able to utilize their technology to make more informed buying decisions, exchange information and reviews with other online shoppers, and make purchases whenever and wherever life takes them.
In the age of digital technology, all e-tailers need to hop on board. In order to succeed in this highly competitive market, websites are going to need to engage in high powered technology that enables the consumer to view a product in high definition, zooming in and out, and at every angle and view possible. The technology of MediaSpin360 offers this specialized digital technology that will put e-tailers on the cutting edge of technology and leave consumers clicking the “add to bag” icon more often. Bigger is better when allowing a customer to view a product; these technologies can bring products to life right in the privacy of the consumer’s bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. Shoppers want as much visual information as possible.
In addition, the online shopper like a good bargain. They want to be able to access coupons and online promotional codes. It is no secret that mobile phone use is a huge means of communication, shoppers want to utilize mobile phone use for promotional codes and even shopping.
Cross channeling is also important to the online shoppers. If one buys something online can they return it at the store or even pick the purchase up at the store. For those who still like to buy in the store, the internet is still an important buying tool. Individuals often check product availability, store locations, and buyer reviews before heading out to make their purchases.
In order to maintain customer loyalty and build new customer bases, the online retailer is going to need to stay on top of technology and listen to their customer.

Zoom In, Zoom Out, Move It All Around…360 Style.

August 3rd, 2010
Imagine being able to see every angle of a toy, a piece of jewelry, an electronic device, or even an article of clothing without ever leaving the house. With MediaSpin360, the consume can do just that. There is no need to brush your hair, get all dressed up, or put your car in drive to check out the products that are most in demand by the consumer.
MediaSpin 360 gives the illusion of having the product at hand. Consumers can view every angle and every detail of an item before adding it to their shopping cart. Consumers can get up close and personal with all aspects of a product. They can get a close up of a denim fabric or check out the intricate details of a diamond ring. This provides the consumer with a state of the art shopping experience and more confidence in their purchases. More confidence in purchases mean less returns and more profits in the retailer’s bank. This technology can take even the simplest of consumer products and make them jump off the page.

This technology is easily implemented on to any website and will do wonders for business. In addition to spinning and zooming, you also have the option of creating virtual design centers or product configurators. Choose the color, the style, the fabric, and all the finishing touches. Never again should a consumer second guess a product before purchasing it. After all, white or black, fabric or leather, shiny or dull are all very important decisions. Whether it is a pair of jeans or a diamond ring, no decision with MediaSpin 360 will be a regretted decision.

Think about it this way: When you are buying a packaged product in a store, you cannot even view every angle of it. What you see is what you get in some cases. With MediaSpin 360, consumers can zoom in/out, view products at 360 degrees in 3D and rotate the product to their liking. Consumer goods come to life with 3D, 360 degree images.

The only thing that is missing is the smell and touch aspect. But, you never know this technology may very well come in time. Until then, keep spinning and zooming products with MediaSpin360 into the hands of your consumers.