Yookidoo Swap N Go Snail Toy

March 7th, 2010

Hire Professional 3D Product Photography Studio or Buy a 3D Photo Office Machine?

March 6th, 2010
We have been asked this question by one of our clients. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your requirements. One of the most obvious advantages of hiring a 3D photography studio is that it gives you total flexibility of shooting any product that you may have. 3D office machines are limited to shooting only smaller products for both base and top models.
Many online retailers are under the mistaken impression that they can save a lot of money by purchasing the 3D office photo machine and do 3D photography in-house. The price for these so-called office photo copiers can be as much as $17,000 for the higher-end models. After setup and testing, these retailers often end up frustrated, regretting buying the system because it simply does not produce the perfect spin required for quality presentation. In some cases the software is not user friendly. Another difficulty for these online retailers is the difficulty of implementing 360-degree product viewer onto their web site.
At a professional 3D photography studio, you will have a team consisting of an account executive, photographer, creative designers, and web developers. Here at MediaSpin360 we provide top quality professional commercial photography for any type and size of product, from an earring to a motorcycle. We ensure that you have the best 360-degree product photography presentation for your online products. Another big advantage of having a professional studio by your side is that all you have to do is send in your product and in a matter of days you have 360-degree product presentation on your website.
A great online product presentation is the key to retail success. Making the right decision on 3D product photography will save you time and make you money.

How do I prepare my products for photography?

March 4th, 2010
Preparing your products for photography before starting the shooting, either by yourself or by a professional studio, saves time and money.
In order to look their best, your products should be properly prepared. Remove the wrinkles on a shirt, tie the laces on a shoe, stuff paper in the backpack, and clean up fingerprints. All these little actions are essential to minimize the time spent on your photo shoot — which will be on the bill if you were to hire a photographer.
Most photo studios require that clients send in their products in secure packaging to ensure that the products arrive in pristine condition. As an online retailer you must understand the importance of explaining to the photographer exactly how you want your product to appear online. Sometimes it is hard to obtain the perfect sample product to be photographed. In this case communication is extremely important so the photographer can arrange postproduction retouching. For example: a laptop to be photographed needs to show a specific screen. It is necessary to discuss these types of requests ahead of time. Successful online retailers know exactly what their customers want to see. Good communication with the photographer before the photo shoot will ensure that the product will be placed in exact correct angle and position. An example might be a backpack that needs to show all angles as well as opening and closing of the pockets and compartments. The photographer needs to understand this requirement ahead of time so he can shoot the product in the specific sequence that will be presented online.
In 360-degree product photography preparing the product is extremely important since all its angles need to be photographed. Some products require a single spin at a single camera elevation and some products will require a single spin at multiple elevations. This means that the resulting solution will be either 360-degree or full 3D view where the online customers can see every square inch or the product. Every angle and every elevation should be prepared in the most appealing way possible. Remember that the photographer or the photography studio only provide their photography expertise but it is you who understands exactly how to show your product in the most effective way for your online customers.