How can I showcase my products in 3D?

January 13th, 2010
This is the first question that most of our customers ask when we talk. The answer is simple: “Take photos from every angle!”. With our advanced robotic 360 degrees photographic equipment we can showcase your products in multiple rows and at precise angles.
You might ask, “what is a row?”… A row is simply a full spin-around of your product. If your product has a lot of details then we will recommend 36 shots per row at 10 degrees apart, for a full 360°. The resulting spin will have a very nice and smooth flow from frame to frame. Some customers believe that 12 shots (30 degrees apart) around the product are sufficient. We can accommodate any type of request. We also have the capability to photograph your products at different elevation angles — from head on at 0 degrees all the way to directly overhead at 90 degrees or anywhere in between. Each elevation angle will be complete with a single row of predetermined set of shots.
See your products from all angles

See your products from all angles

360° product photography for Bose SoundDock with 12 shots at 30° apart

360° product photography for Sony Wireless Headphones with 36 shots at 10° apart

360° product photography for Riley Roots with 12 shots at 30° apart at 0°, 45° and 90°